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The serendipities could feel downright magical.

♍ Virgo September 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Visualize what you want and watch it manifest! Control freak alert!

Today, a dicey moon-Jupiter square could bring out your obsessive side. In love, your fears of rejection could especially spin out of control today.

Weekly Horoscopes for Virgo

Quit sweating the small stuff and keep it real. While you need to vent, respect people's time. They don't owe you their listening, so be sure to thank them thoroughly if they pause for your cause—and, for best results, schedule a call during a mutually convenient moment instead of unleashing at will.

Down the cup of courage on Sunday and initiate that all-important conversation. With the full moon in Aries beaming into your ultra-authentic ninth house, you can't labor in delusion or confusion for a minute longer.

HOROSCOPES: This week will be tense, Virgo

The ninth house also rules international travel, so firm up itineraries and reserve your airline tickets to make an upcoming vacation a reality. The kind where you can run when the wind is at your back, and the need to be wise enough not to push yourself beyond your limits when the wind is at your face. That's it for now I'll talk to you guys tomorrow Keep the Faith Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon The daily horoscope for Virgo has an energy that works best when you take things rather slow and steady If the film is made — and released in , it should get quite a bit of attention.

Makes sense!

virgo daily horoscope elle

Di Caprio should do very well, regardless. Glad to hear so many enjoyed my thoughts on Mars in Libra — posted Friday. Thank you for your kind emails of appreciation. What does your intuition tell you?

Note these keywords: soulful surrender, meditate, yoga, escape,intuition, fantasy, drugs, alcohol, go with the flow, bewilderment, illusion, deception, delusion, photography, film, higher realms, oil, oceans, sacrifice, empathy. It all spills over into Monday, too — sweetened by a connection between loving Venus and the Moon at AM ET that can carry you through the whole day.

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Talk about a Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces story! Will we see similar patterns?

Virgo Daily Horoscope - Free Virgo Horoscope for Today From the AstroTwins

Like Cardinal Dolan, there is a connection between Jupiter and Neptune — a reliable signal of the importance of spirit. Also of note: Saturn, suggesting discipline, patriarchy,authority, control, structure, ambition — making a strong statement about a potential obsession with the father…which perhaps evolved into the Father…or perhaps the Mother Superior.

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  • Consider silence as a strategy today, while the Moon is still in steady, placid, often taciturn Taurus, encouraging efforts to be calm and collected. Sign up here to receive these insightful forecasts by email.